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About tca public relations (tca pr)


The Communications Agency (TCA) - (Public Relations and Marketing Communications Group) is a full-service management consulting firm providing Public Relations, Specialized Marketing Communications, Business Development and International Relations.

TCA Public Relations (TCAPR) -  is headquartered in Washington DC. Top Marketing and PR Services include Publicity, Public Relations and Public Affairs for International clients, Nonprofit Fundraising, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) Campaigns, Corporate Communications, and Representation for Renown Public Figures.

Public Relations


Utilizing 20+ years of industry experience and functional expertise, TCA Public Relations and Marketing Consulting goes beyond the norm to develop new insights, drive results, and help grow your business. For more than 15 years TCA PR staff have been WORKER BEES behind some of the most recognized brands & individuals in the businesses of: Non profit, Luxury Lifestyle, Entertainment, Corporate and Government.

TCA staff has managed public relations events and media campaigns with: First Lady Michelle Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, product launch campaigns with Fidelity Investments, Coca-Cola and Dodge, international financial development campaigns with World Bank Member countries and managed International Out of Country Voting Campaigns for the Governments of South Sudan and Iraq. We have also worked with many non profit organizations as fundraisers.