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Speakers, Subject Matter Experts and Corporate Executives

Contact some of the most notable corporate and nonprofit leaders in the United States. Receive information on writing feature stories and exclusive interviews. Complete the form below to request more information. If a Speaker or Talent is not listed please list the desired talent in the comments section. Thank you


BK Adams Artist

BK Adams is an American visual artist and sculptor. He has produced commissions, fine art and paintings with no commitment to any one particular style – other than his own.

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Ivy K. Pendleton, MBA, MS, Consultant, Marketing Communications Specialist and Event Strategist

As seen on NBC Nightly News, ABC, BBC, Suisse Broadcasting and MSNBC, Ivy K. Pendleton knows publicity, marketing communications, international relations and entertainment.

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Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq., Attorney, Civil Rights Expert

A proven Subject Matter Expert on politics, women's rights, foreign affairs, human rights and diversity. She is a presidential partner of the Obama Administration and works with the Administration on many subjects.

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Ronda Racha Penrice, Noted Author and Black Culture expert

Author, Journalist and Black culture expert Ronda Racha Penrice is the Author of "African American History FOR DUMMIES."

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