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BK Adams Artist

Category: Visual Artist


Topic: Scultpure and Visual Art

BK Adams - BIO


BK Adams is an American visual artist and sculptor. He has produced commissions, fine art and paintings with no commitment to any one particular style – other than his own.
In the early days of his career, Adams focused on monumental sculptures for alternative art spaces. Nearly all of Adams’ work implores a visual movement of avant-garde expressionist abstract; using textiles, metalworks, fiberglass and traditional canvas as well as photorealistic monochromes. His colorful, expressive workmanship reflects a life’s journey with a specialty collection that embodies Washington DC’s rich history and culture.
Adams held his first solo gallery show at his art studio, a whimsical kaleidoscopic showroom, known simply as “I Am Art…”. His “unique” persona visualizes the physical activity of painting and from a distance he appears illustrated; where his bold eyewear, signature paint splattered denim and colorful clogs are an extension of his artistry.
Adams’ brightly-colored “Blue Horse” sculpture (foil and acrylic paint), is a permanent exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).  As Adams became more recognized, his work has been compared to that of Robert Rauschenberg and Sam Gilliam.
To date, Adams’ largest compilation has been 50 pieces that included towering sculptures, large-scale paintings and photographs. His exhibitions have appeared in the Honfleur GallerySmithsonian Institution collection of Museums, Telluride, Colorado, the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, among others.