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WASHINGTON – AUGUST 20, 2017 – –  Today, Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq., President and CEO of The National Congress of Black Women (NCBW) issued the following statement on the passing of longtime friend, comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory: 

I was blessed and fortunate enough to call Dick Gregory my longtime friend for nearly 40 years, fellow activist and social critic. Although it is with great sadness, that our friend and NCBW ambassador is no longer with us, his legacy will last forever. To many, he has been a mentor, teacher, advocate and icon. His messages have transcended generations and his leadership has brought Black Americans through the toughest times in history. His footprints are going to be hard to fill.  I am glad that he taught Black people how to be vigilant and fearless in the fight for human and civil rights.

He passed away peacefully among friends and family. In the last week of his life, while in the hospital, he continued to remind those of us who stood by his side that the struggle is not over, and he reminded us to think beyond the chaotic images we are seeing on television.  He reminded us of the sacrifices so many Black people made for us.  He broke so many barriers and opened so many doors previously closed to us.  He said things others would not dare say, and did things for us others didn’t have the courage to do. I have had the honor of being a beneficiary of his tutelage, and worked on protests with him around the world. His legacy will live on forever.”


About NCBW

The National Congress of Black Women, Inc. (NCBW) is a (501) (c) (3) nonprofit organization. NCBW serves as a nonpartisan voice of advocacy on issues affecting the appointment of women at all levels of government with a goal to increase the participation of women of color in the educational, political, economic, and social arenas. With headquarters in Washington, DC and more than 100 chapters throughout the United States, our goal at NCBW is to provide women at all societal levels with the tools they need to succeed in five program areas: growing women’s networks, improving women’s health, youth education, entrepreneurship and access to technology. NCBW built a vision of serving as a nonpartisan voice to advocate for issues often neglected in communities of color; immigration reform, domestic violence prevention, human trafficking, housing and recognizing a culture of people with disabilities.

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